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Sighting date:

Report date: Unknown

Sighting duration:

UFO appearance: disk


Loud Boom Heard over Central Florida. (Orlando)http://www.gographics.com/lightning/still106.htm Not sure what it is ,but it was followed with a loud boom. Reports from the area say NASA scientists are on site and the site is shut down,reports also say that a man with a red breifcase was seen walking away from site. site is now on lock down. No news crews were reporting anything even though they did get calls.Only one person was asking Questions from a radio station live (101.1 real rock) and they were asked to leave the site directly and people standing watching were told to go into their homes.In the link above it give directions to the site. I was about 6 miles away and it rummbled my home and knocked pictures off the walls. No one will give any details of what it was/is.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

Location: Casselberry, FL

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